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GSCA National Specialty 2000
Farmington, Minnesota
Hosted by the North Country Gordon Setter Club, Inc.

Caution:  This section of my web site  is very photo intense.  It will take a long time to load on slow modems.  Once it has loaded, though you may go to specific portions of the site by clicking on the links provided.  Thank you for your patience and for stopping by.

Welcome to Amethyst Gordon Setters'  celebration of the Gordon Setter Club of America (GSCA)  National Specialty 2000 which was held in Farmington, MN from June 7-9, 2000.   We'd like to thank our hosts, the North Country Gordon Setter Club, Inc., for their fine work and dedication to making this truly a smashing success!!  Everyone from the Badgerland Gordon Setter Club had a great time.  We will  highlight all the events from our perspective.   We hope you enjoy the tour and the memories.  I know we had a great time.   Thanks again, North Country.  This one was truly memorable!!  You're more than welcome to use our photos here, but please give credit to the photographer(s).

The background image for this page is the National Specialty Logo designed by Kathy Geb for North Country Gordon Setter Club, Inc., and is used here with permission of the Show Chairman for the 2000 GSCA National Specialty.


Monday, June 5, 2000 - On the Road Again

Greg and I set out for Minnesota on Monday, June 5, 2000.  We had been anxiously anticipating the trip.  However, the RV decided that it wasn't going to let us get going as quickly as we wanted as the ABS light came on.  So rather than heading Northwest, we headed south toward Madison to see about getting the RV fixed.  As it turned out, Ford told us it was okay to continue on but to get it into the shop upon our return. 2 hours later than we had planned, we started off toward Farmington, MN and the Dakota County Fairgrounds which is where the biggest Gordon Setter party of the year was being held.

We arrived in Farmington about 11:30 p.m.  We were amazed to find so many people already there.  We scoped out trailer city and found a location at the end so that we could save spots for our fellow Badgerland Gordon Setter Club members who would be coming in on Tuesday.  After about twenty minutes we finally were set for the evening and turned in. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2000 - Let the National Begin

On Tuesday morning we were up bright and early as the 6 Gordon Setters we brought with us, decided that they weren't on vacation, and that they wanted to go out.    Accompanying us on this trip were:  Trouble-13, Kiggan-11, Fire-5, Ice-3, Ember-2, and Asti-1.  Sweeper-2, would be coming up with her co-owner, Judy Browne. 

Greg and I spent most of the morning getting set up and visited with our neighbors and just enjoyed the warm weather and sun.  We watched the vacant field across from us become transformed into a dog show ring complete with tent.   The tent people spent almost 7 hours setting up the tent. 

Tent_setup1.jpg (14607 bytes)
  • Tent set-up preparation.
  • More tent preparation.
Tent_set_up2.jpg (19686 bytes)
Grooming_tent.jpg (17812 bytes)
  • Grooming tent preparation.
  • The finished product!!  The show grounds have now come alive!
Tent_done.jpg (13446 bytes)


Here are some shots showing the process.   Also, a red and white grooming tent was set up.  This didn't take nearly as long as the main tent.  It was great that we had such fine accommodations in which to show our Black and Tan Setters. 

We then decided to take a look around at all the other things that were going on at the fairgrounds.  Trophies, booths, raffles, rescue items, hospitality, etc., were all putting the finishing touches on an absolutely wonderful set-up. 

Signs.jpg (19287 bytes)
  • With these signs around there was no reason for anyone to get lost.
  • The "traditional" red geraniums that North Country has made famous every year at their regional specialty.
Geraniums.jpg (44200 bytes)
Silent_auction.jpg (23811 bytes)
  • Hard-working Betsy Sippel of Badgerland who coordinated the Silent Auction for North Country this year.
  • The trophies.  Absolutely gorgeous and breath-taking.  These are for Reserve Winners Dog and Bitch.
Reserve_trophies.jpg (24388 bytes)
NCGSC_welcomeflag.jpg (35439 bytes)
  • The North Country welcome flags. 
  • All the trophies.  They are just spectacular.
Trophies.jpg (21287 bytes)
BOB_trophy.jpg (26206 bytes)
  • Best of Breed Trophy.  WOW!!  You'll need a truck to haul this home!!


  • Oldest Veteran in Sweepstakes' prize basket.
VetSweepsPrize.jpg (22574 bytes)


About 2:00 p.m. many of our friends started arriving and setting up their campsites.  Greg and I watched and helped a bit and worked on Asti as she had to be shown on Wednesday in puppy sweepstakes.  I got to visit with Asti's mom, Ch. Dixieland's Country Lace, "Lacey," and her brother, Clansmen Deadman Walking, "Walker," who is such a nut.   It's hard to believe that Asti and Walker are brother and sister.  This is probably one of the most fun things about a National, the mini-family reunions.  People continued to arrive and set-up.  Here are more photos of the grounds.


Grounds3.jpg (10180 bytes)
  • The "before" shot of the grounds.
  • The grounds before anyone arrived.
Grounds1.jpg (11400 bytes)
Grounds2.jpg (10794 bytes)
  • More campers at the showsite.
  • Marte Wetzel's pop-up trailer.


Marte_popup.jpg (26288 bytes)
Connie_Chris_popup.jpg (20182 bytes)
  • Chris Rhoden setting up his pop-up camper.
  • Our RV is the one on the left.
RVs1.jpg (19122 bytes)


After everyone got set up and explored the grounds, it was time to settle in around the campfire.  For those of you who don't know us, the Badgerland Gordon Setter (Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula of Michigan) group is a "fun" bunch.  We enjoy visiting, chatting, eating, and drinking with our fellow Black and Tan exhibitors.  Each night we would tell stories about the dogs or about life in general.  This year's topic seemed to focus on "bug" and awful trailer trash lights.  Here are some photos.   Laugh, smile, and remember cheesy and don't forget to snort...if you laugh too hard.....right, Sandy, Connie, and Betsy?


  • Chris and Connie Rhoden
  • Tiki torch, Connie
  • Another view of our camping area.
  • Peggy cooling it.  Check out Rhoden's bar stash behind Peggy!!

  • Gail Godding and Janet Gomez just hanging out at the camp site.


Wednesday, June 7, 2000 - Opening Ceremonies

As usual, the North Country Gordon Setter Club, out did themselves.  Here are shots of the opening ceremonies.  The committee had flags made with each clubs' logo on it.  After the opening ceremonies the flags were prominently displayed along the side of one of the buildings.  The clubs then were given the flags to use at their own activities.  The day started our beautifully and as usual a bagpiper helped add a Scottish flair to the festivities.

  • Badgerland's Flag.  Wow!! North County sure went all out for this show!
  • Badgerland President Chris Rhoden and Holly Wachuta (Tartana) with Dual Ch. Hacasak Tartana Black Hawk, JH and the bagpiper.
  • Babs Koch (Greycoach) of North Country, along with Pat Martin (Inwood) during the welcome ceremonies.
  • Vice-President Beth Beatty (Celtic) during the welcome ceremonies.
  • Phyllis Perrelli (Black Anvil) and Peter and Christine Sandiford (Hernwood) from England.


Wednesday, June 7, 2000 - Puppy Sweepstakes Classes (Mary Quaco, CO, Judge)

The morning was bright and sunny.  A welcome day for us to show case our Gordon Setter puppies.  Judge for puppy sweepstakes is Mrs. Mary Quaco of Colorado.  Mrs. Quaco breeds under the prefix McQ and has been active in Gordon Setters for many years.

  • Judge Mary Quaco looking at her class.  Judy Browne (Titan) and Danielle Adams in the foreground.
  • Peggy DaValt and Clansmen 'n Amethyst Hi Ground (Asti) waiting to go in.  Patti Schatter (Sea Gems) in the foreground.
  • Sabrina Oakes with Keeper and Peggy DaValt with Asti.  Keeper and Asti are littermates.
  • Peggy and Asti.
  • Asti and Peggy again...but's my web page!!


Wednesday, June 7 - Regular Dog Classes (Jane Forsyth, Judge)

Mrs. Jane Forsyth was asked to judge the 2000 GSCA National Specialty.  Mrs. Forsyth and her husband have been icons in the dog fancy.  Mrs. Forsyth was very business-like, but yet had fun with the dogs as she continued her work to find the Best of the Breed.  Her comments and tips for exhibitors were given in a spirit of educating and passing on the incredible and vast knowledge she has acquired over the her years in the dog show world.  However, one of my favorite of her comments was that "these dogs are not 'mow and go' dogs."  

  • Judge Jane Forsyth on her first day of judging.

  • Whose behind those Foster Grants?  Why, it's Vanessa Cappello of Black Anvil Gordon Setter.
  • Veteran dog class.  Danielle Adams and Ch. Bit o' Gold Titan Treasure (Kirby).

  • Kirby and Danielle.
  • Mrs. Forsyth waiting for Kirby and Danielle to go down and back.


Wednesday, June 7, 2000 - Agility

This year the GSCA offered agility at the National.  A bunch of us from Badgerland went over to watch agility to see what it was all about.  We sure enjoyed it, but we were surprised to find out that you can't "cheer" on a contestant as that is not allowed.  Judge Lorelei Purdy politely came over to us and told us we weren't allowed to do the cheering.  So, we did a "silent" wave for those competing.   She just gave us a look and everyone else started laughing at us.  We had a good time!!  Congratulations to our friend, Maureen McLatchy on qualifying with "Raven."  I don't have very many photos from agility, but here is one the set-up.

  • Agility Set-up


Thursday, June 8, 2000 -  Regular Bitch Classes, Non-Regular Bitch Classes

Again, we had a beautiful morning greet us in Minnesota.  Mrs. Jane Forsyth started bright and early with her bitch classes.  Here are some shots from early in the morning to the actual classes.

  • Did someone say "mornin"?  Ask Marte Wetzel how the coffee is.
  • Marte Wetzel (Glen Oak) and Glen Oaks Banshee Phenomenon (Phoebe) gaiting in the BBE class.
  • Peggy and Amethyst's Firelight o' Life (Ember) waiting their turn.
Betsy Sippel and her Oakley (Glen Oak Cherokee Rose, JH) waiting for their turn in Open.
  • O'Eire Titan Encore o' Amethyst (Sweeper) and Peggy in open bitch class.  Sweeper is co-owned with Judy Browne (Titan).
  • Maureen McLatchy (Pinebirch) with her girl, Raven.


Friday, June 9, 2000 - Veteran Sweepstakes Class - Dan Arterberry, Judge

Another gorgeous summer-like day greeted exhibitors and their beloved Black and Tans.  The crowd gathered for this event.  It truly is a spectacular part of a National Specialty to be able to see all the veterans and to shed a tear or two as the "gray-faced" Black and Tans enter the ring.  This year was especially memorable for me as I was privileged to have had my two boys, Ch. Daybreak Blue's Brother (Trouble) (Am/Can/Mex Ch. MacAlder Best For Shojin x Ch. Agaru Autumn Silhouette, JH) who was 13 at the time of the specialty, and Kiggan, Ch. Lord McKiggan of Amethyst, CGC (Ch. Kilernan Current Pursuit x Ch. Kilernan's Spice o' My Life) who was 11 at the time of the specialty.  

What made this more special was that Trouble's breeder, Pat Due-Detroyer, Daybreak, was able to show Trouble in the competition.  I was so very proud of my boys as they entered the 11+ class.  Someone mentioned to me later that it was really hard not to cry with my boys out there.  Congratulations to Trouble's half-sister, Ch. Shojin's Spirit o' Timbaray, UD, JH - "Sprite" as she was awarded the Oldest Veteran in Veterans' Sweepstakes.   I believe that "Trouble" was the second oldest veteran in sweepstakes.  It was neat to see Ch. MacAlder Best For Shojin - "Chipper" kids still out there in the ring!!

  • Ron Cross' dog, Ch. Timberlane's Clancy, SH (Duke) in Veteran's Sweepstakes Class.
  • Waiting for Veterans' Sweeps classes and people watching.  Peggy DaValt (Amethyst) and Pat Due-Detroyer (Daybreak) standing.
  • Best buddies, Ch. Lord McKiggan of Amethyst (Kiggan) and Ch. Daybreak Blue's Brother (Trouble).
  • Ch. Lord McKiggan of Amethyst (Kiggan).  (b. 12/24/1988)

  • Ch. Daybreak Blue's Brother (Trouble) and his breeder, Pat Due. (b.5/23/1987)
  • Pat Due and Trouble.
  • Am/Can. Ch. Dixieland's Country Lace (Lacey) - owned by Craig Beecroft (Dixieland) (WA).  Lacey is Asti's mom.
  • Am/Can Ch. Dixieland's Country Lace (Lacey).
  • Lacey and Craig again.
  • Bitch Class....not quite sure which class this is...but enjoy!
  • Trouble with his GSCA medallion


Friday, June 9, 2000 - Best of Breed Competition

It's hard to believe it, but Best of Breed competition has finally arrived. Mrs. Forsyth worked through her specials in her organized manner.  This allowed those of us who were watching ringside, and those of us in competition to see the fine Gordon Setters that we, as breeders, have produced.  It was fun to watch Mrs. Forsyth make her decision as she narrowed the field down to the one dog who would be awarded Best of Breed.  She'd also make her decision as to Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners as well as awarding Awards of Merit.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Enjoy the photos!!

  • Best of Breed Competition.
  • Peggy DaValt and Ch. Glen Oaks' Firedance o' Amethyst (Fire) in Best of Breed Competition.
  • Judge Jane Forsyth walking up to Fire.
  • Judge Jane Forsyth completing her examination of Fire.


Friday, June 9, 2000 - Family Reunions

National specialties afford everyone a chance to get together with friends from all over the US as well as foreign countries.  It's a great chance to take a few moment to take photos of famlies as it is often time the ONLY time everyone is together.  So here are some "family" photos of my Ch. Glen Oaks' Firedance o' Amethyst (Fire) and his relatives.  

  • Am/Can. Ch. Tartana Keepsake Cailin (KC) and her offspring. 
  • KC's son, Ch. Glen Oak The Dance (Gunner) out of Ch. Black Anvil Kadabra.
  • Ch. Glen Oak All that Jazz, JH (Jazz) out of Magic and KC.  Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the GSCA National Specialty in 1996.  Shown here with owner, Vanessa Cappello (Black Anvil).
  • Ch. Glen Oak's Banshee Phenomenon (Phoebe).  A full littermate to Gunner, Jazz and Fire from the repeat breeding.  Shown here with breeder, Marte Wetzel.
  • Ch. Glen Oak's Firedance o' Amethyst (Fire) who is out of Magic and KC.  Fire is owned by Greg and Peggy DaValt (Amethyst).


Friday, June 9, 2000 - Shopping

I term this section "shopping."  If you're looking for clothes, etc, then you'll need to look somewhere else, like LL Bean, or Eddie Bauer.  The shopping I'm referring to is checking out all the dogs/bitches that have come to the National.  It is a perfect place to check out litter mates and to see what a certain sire or dam has produced.  This year was not any different.  A bunch of us from Badgerland Gordon Setter Club (Marte Wetzel -Glen Oak, Connie Rhoden - Tamdhu) took an afternoon to visit with some friends from other parts of the US and looked at their dogs.  It was fun to see these dogs and I present these photos to you.

  • Ch. Sea Gems You Must Remember This - Ricky.  Owned by Helen Howard (GA)
  •  Ricky stacked.
  • This is "Harley."  He is Ch. Gordon Hill Sea Gem Sportster.  "Harley" is a full brother to Ricky and was the Winners Dog at the 2000 GSCA National Specialty.  Both Harley and Ricky are out of Ch. Gordon Hill Casablanca x Ch Braw-Clan's Precious Sea-Gem CD.  Breeder is Patte Schattner (DE).
  • This is the Reserve Winner's Dog, Alilou's Spitfire Tobias "Toby".  Toby is out of Ch. Woodsmoke's Classic Alibi x Ch. Alilou's Curtain Call.
  • Toby and his handler, Colleen O'Brien


Friday, June 9, 2000 - Mystery Dog

For the most part, I was able to identify the dogs that I took photos of.  However, there is one dog that I took a head shot photo of that I wasn't not able to recall who he/she was.  I present that photo here in hope that anyone who recognizes this as their dog could let me know who he/she is.  I am fairly sure that this photo was taken during Best of Breed competition or Veterans' Sweepstakes.  

  • This dog is the lovely Am/Can Ch. Brentwood Bliss at Kerricreek, a/k/a Piper.  Piper was owned and loved by Keri Chard-Savage of Canada.  Piper is out of Ch. MacAlder Upland Hunter x Ch. Greenglen's Gaelic Essence. 


Saturday, June 10, 2000 - Time to Say Good-bye!!

It's hard to believe but the 2000 National Specialty has come to an end.  Several of our Badgerland friends headed on to the Hunt Test and others of us headed home.  Here's what camp looked like as we cleaned up.

  • Clyde and Betsy Sippel packing up their trailer.  The rain started ever so slightly while we were packing up.
  • Another view of take-down.  It surely was a fun week!!  We're looking forward to next year's show in Allentown, PA.


GSCA National Specialty - September 17-20, 2001 - Hosted by the Brandywine Gordon Setter Club, Allentown, PA

The venue for the 2001 edition of the GSCA National Specialty and Hunt Test will move East as the Brandywine Gordon Setter Club hosts the annual Black and Tan Party in Allentown, PA.   Watch our web site as we hope to show case our report of 2001's specialty.  We anxiously await this party in a couple weeks and look forward to renewing friendships and making new friends.  See you there!!  Stop by and say hi to us!

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