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GSCA National Specialty 2001 - Regular Dog Classes

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Hosted by the Brandywine Gordon Setter Club

On Tuesday afternoon, September 18, 2001, Judge Robyn Wallis of Rokeena Gordon Setters, Australia, began her judging assignment. Mrs. Wallis was very thorough in her judging and made a point of making comments about each class and the 4 winners that she chose in each class.    She used this in her overall critique that she made at the GSCA National Specialty Banquet, as well as in the GSCA News following the National Specialty.  What follows are photos from the first day of regular class judging of the dog classes.

  • Our friends Peter and Chris Sandiford (Hernwood-UK) watching the dog classes being judged.  Show chair, Barb Panza (PA) seated.
  • Phyllis Perrelli (Black Anvil-CT) and Vanessa Cappello (CT) watching classes as well.
  • Judith Brown (Sassenach-Calgary, Alberta) with her male in Bred-by Exhibitor Class.
  • Bred-by class, Judith Brown with her male on the go-round.
  • Another view of Judith and her boy.
  • Suzie DeSilver with her bred-by dog on the go-around. 
  • Judge Robyn Wallis dictating her comments about the bred-by dog class.  Shown in the foreground is Suzie DeSilver with her second place dog, Tartana Cutty Sark.
Connie Rhoden (Tamdhu-WI) with her male, Tamdhu Upland Classic "Gauge" in the Am-bred class.
  • Gauge being stacked by Connie.
  • Gauge waiting by Connie.
  • Judge Robyn Wallis examining Gauge.
  • Judge Robyn Wallis completing her examination  of Gauge.
  • Gauge and Connie on the go-round.
  • Another view of Gauge and Connie going around the ring.
  • Marte Wetzel (Glen Oak-WI) with her Glen Oak's Pride 'n' Joy (Godding-WI) waiting for the open dog class to begin.
  • Marte and Hunter on the go-around.
  • Marte stacking Hunter in Open Dog Class.
  • Judge Robyn Wallis looking at the open dog class.
  • Marte and Hunter under the tent during open dog class.
  • Ronet Murray (WI) and Judy Browne (Titan-WI) watching ringside dog classes.

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