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GSCA National Specialty 2001 -Regular Bitch Classes - Emma

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Hosted by the Brandywine Gordon Setter Club

This is our client, Sally Frones' girl Tri-Sett Lady Leah Sevenoaks, during the regular bitch judging.  Emma was in the 12-18 month class.  Her littermates won 2nd and 4th place in the class.  We were proud of Emma as she made the "cut" in this class.  Thanks, Sally for letting us show your girl.  She's so much fun!!


  • Emma on the grooming table before she was shown.
  • Emma's beautiful head.  She's shown here before she went in the ring.
  • Emma again looking at Greg after he was done grooming her.
  • Emma again.
  • Emma shown stacked in our "wood" prior to being shown.
  • Emma in the 12-18 month class.  She is at the end of the row in this photo.
  • Emma's sister, owned by Fred Becker (NC) shown first in line here.  She placed 4th in class.  Behind Karen is Pat Thayer (Conobtra-MO) with her girl, Packey.
  • Emma in class.  She is in the middle.  Lynn Fruchey (Wind River-CO) in front and handler, Bill Sahloff on Ilene DeLare's bitch.
  • Mrs. Wallis going over Emma in 12-18 month class.
  • Mrs. Wallis completing her examination of Emma. 
  • Mrs. Wallis looking at Emma and talking to Peggy.
  • This is Emma's sister who won second in this class.
  • Both of Emma's sisters next to each other.  Both made the cut.
  • Emma stacked in the ring.


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