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Chipper x Ice Pups

Am/Can/Mex Ch. MacAlder Best For Shojin x Trial By Fire o' Amethyst, CGC

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Shown below are photos of the puppies taken during their 6th week.  I'd like to thank Gail and Tami Jackson (Anamacara Irish Setters) for their help in stacking and assessing my Gordon babies.  These photos of the pups stacked are taken by Tami Jackson.  Anne Schilling, RB's owner, stopped over, too, for morale support as did Laurie Carlson, a good friend who has a Golden and is interested in my Gordons.  Thanks, everyone for your comments!!  Photos are taken in birth order -

I had Tami take two photos of the pups - two stacked and one sitting.  This worked really well, except that my camera "glitched" so the Green Boy only has a couple sitting shot and Orange Girl doesn't have a sitting shot.  I apologize for this "technical" bug.


Orange Collar Girl

Green Collar Boy

Red Collar Girl

Yellow Collar Boy

White Collar Girl

Red and Green Collar Girl

Yellow & Orange Collar Boy

Seafoam Collar Boy

Light Blue Collar Boy



Three boys' faces - Green boy, Yellow-Orange boy and Yellow boy




Three boys again - Same boys as above.



Green Boy



Greg and 3 of his puppies!!



Yellow-orange Collar Boy

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